About Us

The Baby Comforter, is a certified infant and child sleep consultant business. Although based in Sydney, we work with families world-wide.

My name is Phoebe, founder of The Baby Comforter. I work with newborn babies and children up until the age of 5. I’m so passionate about getting you and baby the sleep you need. Sleep is so important for babies to grow and develop. For adults, sleep is so important for you to function during the day, think clearly and overall look after your children in the best way possible! 

I hold a Diploma of Food and Nutrition. Nutrition and Sleep go hand-in-hand for children. All sleep plans include nutrition advice to ensure your baby is meeting adequate nutrition requirements for their age.

We also understand that all babies are different – which is why we tailor our packages to suit you.

- Phoebe Hanna -

Sleep should not be a luxury for parents, it's a biological need!