Sleep, Glorious Sleep!

Remember that new mum feeling where you bring baby home and suddenly you are hit with the reality that those straight 8 hours of sleep are gone for the next few months? Or you might be a mum of a toddler who still needs to rock them to sleep a few times a night? Whatever the situation you may be in, sleep deprivation is not easy. It has you feeling like a zombie the next day, where you don’t remember what day it is, if you left the straightener on or whether you paid that electricity bill.

So why are we so passionate about getting you and your family some sleep? Sleep deprivation in mothers is one of the major causes of anxiety and post-natal depression. This is why we are all about helping you instill healthy sleep habits in your baby from day one. You will then be confident to help teach your baby to learn how to sleep independently from 3 months onwards.

The results of seeing many families we have helped finally gain sleep, is truly rewarding. The ability to think clearly, wake up refreshed, function during the day and give your child your all, makes an incredible difference. We would love to help you reach this, lets start now!

The Baby Comforter xx