App Operated White Noise Machine

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  • 1.APP CONTROLLED – Control the nightlight, sound machine volume, and alarm feature in one easy-to-use device that you can control from your phone! No need to get up from your bed!
  • 2.PLAYS ALL NIGHT – Did you know that the sound machines that turn off automatically after 40 minutes or so can actually WAKE your newborn baby up in between sleep cycles?! This machine can play continuously up to 12 hours or more!
  • 3.PORTABLE FEATURE – This sound machine can be plugged in or battery operated. Handy when out and about.
  • 4. UNIQUE SOUNDS – Did you know the white noise sound is similar to the sound your baby listened to for 9 months in the womb? It is a comforting sound that helps them settle to sleep and link their sleep cycles. However, there are 34 unique sounds to choose from!
  • 5. DIFFERENT NIGHT LIGHTS – This is perfect for toddlers once they are 2.5-3 years and require a night light. Until then, darkness is best for a baby to sleep as this is when melatonin (sleep hormone) kicks in easily. Also, you can create a ‘time to rise’ alarm by turning on light feature and sound when it’s time for your toddler to awake!
  • 6.MEMORY FUNCTIONALITY – The app remembers your settings so need to reset each time!
  • 7.VOICE CONTROLS VIA GOOGLE HOME OR ALEXA – Making your life easy!